Session #2 - A Companion Gained, a Companion Lost

After spending a night in Orinthal, but before departing for the next town on the long road to Eyjan, the party decides to seek out one more traveling companion, a Vanaran named Khi’Vhal. While his motives are unclear, and his answers offputting, the party finds that the skills gained offsets the mystery surrounding him.

Satisfied that their band of traveling companions is sufficient, they depart on the day-long trip to Avindor.

After a long day of traveling, (or two, I’m still working out map scale), the party arrives at Avindor. The settlement is a small hamlet town of only a few hundred citizens. Its drought scenario is not as dire as Orinthal, however, as food, drink, and accommodations are better priced. After their long journey, the party decides to seek refuge at the only inn in Avindor. After renting rooms and while washing the days dirt away with the local wellbeer, the party overhears from the locals that bandit attacks on the roads going both west and southeast of the town have risen in the last few weeks. The attacks have become brazen with no regard for time of day. Curious about the attacks the party uses the opportunity to test their mettle, and form bonds that will be necessary for the coming difficulties.

Despite the brazen attacks on the roads, the city itself was still devoid of such things. It was expected to be a peaceful rest, but in the middle of the night, around 3am, a loud screech from Rara, Sareysong’s companion, alerted most of the party to shenanigans taking place right outside the inn. After a quick inspection the party realizes that Rara has been taken from the roof of the inn! Her screeching can be heard from the west side of town, and Sareysong quickly takes off in that direction. In an effort to catch up to his companion he transforms into a bipedal reptile, increasing his run speed dramatically. Keldan follows suit, using his demonic run speed to stay in stride with the druid. The rest of the party follows the sounds but are unable to keep up.

As Sareysong and Keldan close in on Rara’s panicked screeching, a loud thud is heard and Rara falls silent. They follow the sound to its last believed location but see nothing around them. Rara’s captors have evaded the party, somehow.

Undeterred, Sareysong relies on her scent of smell to continue tracking Rara through the field of wild grass, and eventually to the bridge crossing the nearby river. Still, there is no sign of the captors. A careful investigation of the area reveals a hidden door under the east side of the bridge, near the riverbed. With the door being their only lead, and the smell of Rara permeating from its location, Sareysong and Keldan bash the door down and stand ready to enter into the crude lair.

Believing that Rara was inside, and that no other exit points were available, Sareysong and Keldan wait for the rest of the party to catch up to them. After about an hour, Kai’Vhan, Garrett, and Marillion catch up and the party enters the hideout.

The party wastes no time and quickly finds that the group that stole Rara was nothing more than a group of goblins. After quickly dispatching several of them, the party continues to deeper into the cave.


Razvahn Razvahn

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