Session #2 - A Companion Gained, a Companion Lost

After spending a night in Orinthal, but before departing for the next town on the long road to Eyjan, the party decides to seek out one more traveling companion, a Vanaran named Khi’Vhal. While his motives are unclear, and his answers offputting, the party finds that the skills gained offsets the mystery surrounding him.

Satisfied that their band of traveling companions is sufficient, they depart on the day-long trip to Avindor.

After a long day of traveling, (or two, I’m still working out map scale), the party arrives at Avindor. The settlement is a small hamlet town of only a few hundred citizens. Its drought scenario is not as dire as Orinthal, however, as food, drink, and accommodations are better priced. After their long journey, the party decides to seek refuge at the only inn in Avindor. After renting rooms and while washing the days dirt away with the local wellbeer, the party overhears from the locals that bandit attacks on the roads going both west and southeast of the town have risen in the last few weeks. The attacks have become brazen with no regard for time of day. Curious about the attacks the party uses the opportunity to test their mettle, and form bonds that will be necessary for the coming difficulties.

Despite the brazen attacks on the roads, the city itself was still devoid of such things. It was expected to be a peaceful rest, but in the middle of the night, around 3am, a loud screech from Rara, Sareysong’s companion, alerted most of the party to shenanigans taking place right outside the inn. After a quick inspection the party realizes that Rara has been taken from the roof of the inn! Her screeching can be heard from the west side of town, and Sareysong quickly takes off in that direction. In an effort to catch up to his companion he transforms into a bipedal reptile, increasing his run speed dramatically. Keldan follows suit, using his demonic run speed to stay in stride with the druid. The rest of the party follows the sounds but are unable to keep up.

As Sareysong and Keldan close in on Rara’s panicked screeching, a loud thud is heard and Rara falls silent. They follow the sound to its last believed location but see nothing around them. Rara’s captors have evaded the party, somehow.

Undeterred, Sareysong relies on her scent of smell to continue tracking Rara through the field of wild grass, and eventually to the bridge crossing the nearby river. Still, there is no sign of the captors. A careful investigation of the area reveals a hidden door under the east side of the bridge, near the riverbed. With the door being their only lead, and the smell of Rara permeating from its location, Sareysong and Keldan bash the door down and stand ready to enter into the crude lair.

Believing that Rara was inside, and that no other exit points were available, Sareysong and Keldan wait for the rest of the party to catch up to them. After about an hour, Kai’Vhan, Garrett, and Marillion catch up and the party enters the hideout.

The party wastes no time and quickly finds that the group that stole Rara was nothing more than a group of goblins. After quickly dispatching several of them, the party continues to deeper into the cave.

Session #1 - All Great Stories Begin Somewhere...

Your adventures begin in the town of Orinthal (formerly Lannistown). Orinthal is a medium sized town with approximately 1,700 people. It is governed by Boyar Dulchen.

All adventurers that pass through Orinthal find themselves making a stop at the The Drowning Alehouse, known for its rowdy patrons and flowing taps. Tonight was no exception. Each of you, for your own reasons, sought refuge here on this cool, fall night.

By the time Keldan Averam and his bard friend Marillion arrived for the evening, Sareysong, a druid from Tsavaerjol, Garrett, and his friend Paolo, had already arrived for the evening. However, unlike the stories these brave adventurers had been told of the Drowning Alehouse, the atmosphere tonight was somber, and subdued – rife with tension. Low murmurs carried itself across the tavern as people spoke in stern but hushed voices.

Keldan found a table and struck up a conversation with two nearby patrons, Garrett, and Paolo. Keldan, hoping to gather companions to follow him in his travels, attempts to proffer the services of Garrett, but is rebuffed when no coin is offered up front. Frustrated with the idea a dangerous task with no up front coin, Garrett refuses Keldan’s request and disparages his mother for good measure. Keldan, upset with this comment, warns Garrett only once to refrain from comments about his mother. During the heated exchange, Keldan strikes a bargain with Garrett: If Garrett wins an arm wrestling contest then Keldan will pay for his services upfront, and tell his story about his mother, but if Keldan wins, Garrett will provide his sword and services without coin upfront.

Garrett, seeing the 5 ft 5 in Keldan as nothing more than a gnat, accepts the challenge and places his brawny, sword swinging arm onto the table. Keldan though, knowing his ruse will be a success, uses his <ability> to transform into a stronger form of himself. The contest isn’t a contest of strength so much as a contest of wit, with Keldan easily dispatching Garrett’s strength. The colossal thud of Garrett’s arm onto the table bring a momentary stop to all of the conversation in the Drowning Alehouse.

A nearby female patron scoffs at their behavior and quips about their ability to be jovial and gamble at a time like this. Mariliion, eager to soothe the attitude of the patrons, begins to play a beautiful song that turns the taverns’ attention to him but fails to rouse the somber and desperate emotions present. Upon finishing his song, he realizes that his music did not move the crowd like it would normally and seeks to learn why. The woman explains that Kastania is dealing with a dire set of circumstances: Droughts have ruled the land for 12 years, crop yields have been low or non-existent, food is scarce, and now the nobility are hoarding the scant remaining water for themselves. Marillion, naive to these circumstances (perhaps from his elevated status in his home land) remarks that she still has hope. The female patron, angered by such a hollow statement, retorts that hope is fleeting when people are starving, children are dying, and solutions are few and far between. After a few seconds of silence, she turns away from Marillion and gulps her beverage. It is only now that the adventurers realize that there is no food present on any table in the tavern, and the only beverage being poured is wellbeer, the kind of cheap beer made with whatever liquid – not necessarily water – is available at the time.

Keldan, not satisfied with the group of adventurers he has assembled, seeks the assistance of one more tavern patron, the druid Sareysong, sitting alone, with her pet monkey, Rara, in the corner. Aware of the tensions that exist between his kind and hers, he cautiously approaches her. Sensing that her presence has to do with the drought that Kastania is facing, Keldan is able to strike up a cordial conversation with the druid. With surprisingly little effort, Keldan is able to convince Sareysong to accompany him on his future travels.

After a brief discussion concerning their motives and their options, the adventurers agree to travel westward, beyond the Kastan Mountains, into the magic torn lands of Eyjan. With their plans decided, Sareysong and Marillion retire to their private rooms. Garrett, sensing a great story ahead of him, decided to celebrate with copious amounts of drinking; He would pass out shortly after and wake up the next morning in the common room. To his surprise, and benefit, he wakes up without a hint of a hangover. Keldan and Paolo both retire to the common room in a more sober state.

The next morning, the adventurers meet up outside the tavern, anxious to begin their travels.

Meet & Greet, Introductions

Hello all, this is your DM. I just found this tool and I’m going to give it a try and see how it works for keeping players in the loop when they’re absent, and providing a means for you to recall details about your campaign throughout Emma’Navue.

Since this is a new tool, and a new campaign, with new players, please treat this like an open forum and submit your ideas to me to make it better. I think this website can be a great benefit to you and me but it’s only beneficial if you like it and it works for you.


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