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The map of Emma’Navue is the work of one man: Anserall Plott, a famous explorer and cartographer. He painstakingly cobbled together the notes, diagrams, and maps of hundreds of explorers and Erudites before him in an effort to create the most accurate map yet known to man at the time. Presently, this map is nearly 200 years old and almost certainly outdated. Regional maps may have a greater level of detail.

There are five major continents/islands in Emma’Navue. The Northwest-most continent is named Ja-Tael. Not much is known about this land. What is known is that this land is hot and humid, vegetation is abundant, and rains aplenty. It is believed that the Redscar people migrated from this continent to settle the northern most peninsula of Tolabir.

The eastern-most continent is named Tsavsaerjol, named after the Tsavsaerjol mountain range that towers tens of miles above the sea and can be spotted from a couple hundred miles off shore. The peaks of the Tsavaerjol mountain ranges have never been seen. Legend says these mountains are where Emma’Navue, the God Queen, watches over the world. Much of Tsavaerjol is unexplored and with exception of the western side of the continent, it remains largely unexplored and uninhabited.

The northern-most island was named Miranthor, after its first king, but has since come to be known as “Glacea”, a barren wasteland of ice and death. No one knows why or how the vibrant island kingdom became what it is today – Its recognition as a desolate land is from recent history. As recent as 60 years ago the history books speak of bustling docks, extravagant celebrations, and a mighty navy to defend its waters.

The island chain between south Tolabir and western Tsavaerjol is known as the Island Kingdom of Toldan. A naval superpower, Toldan uses its power to squeeze money and goods from the countries bordering the Emerald Sea. Trade between eastern and western Tolabir is mostly done by land because of the steep sea tolls that Toldan charges for use of its waters. Additionally, it is not uncommon for Toldan to seize ships in free waters and raid them for their goods, despite having no lawful authority to do so. Because of Toldan’s aggressive behavior, most of the trade between Tolabir and Tsavaerjol occurs in the narrowest strip of the Emerald Sea between the docks of Mirk on Tolabir, and Quoan (Ko-wan) on Tsavaerjol.

The central continent is named Tolabir and is the most populated continent of the known world. The continent is comprised of five kingdoms: Eyjan, Kastania, Yysdoril, the Redscar Province, and the Aberrant Isle, formerly known as Abernil.
• Eyjan consists of most of the southwest portion of the continent. The land itself has been ravaged by magic from when the Eyjan Wizards occupied it last. Much of the story as to why the land is in such a ravaged state has disappeared over the years but it is known to be intimately tied to Eyjan Wizards and their relocation to Yysdoril.
• Kastania is the southeastern kingdom, occupying all the lands between the Emerald Sea and the Kastan Mountain range. For years Kastania has been an oasis of peace in a trying world but recently tensions have flared over erratic weather, yearly droughts and low crop yields. Many are frustrated with the kingdom’s unreasonable rationing of what water remains. All are in the dark regarding the sudden and inexplicable change in weather.
• Yysdoril is the reclusive home of the former wizards of Eyjan. It is said that after the devastation of their ancestral homeland of Eyjan, the wizards migrated deep into the Kastan Mountains, seeking not only a new home, but refuge from what has happened and the atrocities committed. Because of its reclusive nature It is not known whether Yysdoril is an actual place or not. There are no credible stories regarding the location, or the denizens, of Yysdoril. Many of the stories regarding the Eyjan Wizards have been told and retold, with each new telling adding a new detail of wonder and awe.
• The Redscar Province occupies the northern most lands and peninsula of Tolabir. While not a violent group of people, they are known to fiercely and aggressively defend their land from outsiders. The Redscar people are easily identified by the large red scar that adorns each male and female adult face. It is unknown whether the position and length of these scars is significant. Some members of the Redscar have elaborate scar designs across their entire face. It is believed that these individuals hold high prestige in their culture. Though rare, some members of the Redscar have no scars on their face. It is unknown why this may be.
• Formerly known as Abernil, the Aberrant Isle is an island shrouded in magic and mystery. Nothing is known about the island itself – The island has been intertwined with magic storms for many years before Anserall compiled the map as we know it. The narrow waterway between the Aberrant Island and Tolabir is known as the Unnatural Strait. The strait, and the rest of the surrounding waters are violent with magic storms, preventing any access whatsoever to the island. Erudites believe that the devastation of Eyjan and Abernil are related.

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